Magic Mill Food Dehydrator Review

Magic Mill Food Dehydrator Review

Food dehydrators are perfect for expanding the lifespan of your fruits, meats, and vegetables. The best dehydrators remove moisture while keeping your food's nutrients. Because of the development of food dehydrators, it's important to have one in your inventory.

We'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this Magic Mill Food Dehydrator. We've included a buying advice section if you have problems deciding what to buy. By the end of this post, you'll know if this device is the right one for you.

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About The Product

The Magic Mill Food Dehydrator is one of the most innovative shelf dehydrators in the market. It's designed to preserve your food and dehydrate it at home. You'll like this dehydrator if you want something that's easy to use and reminds you when it's finished.

Specifications Of The Magic Mill Food Dehydrator

  • Wattage: 600
  • Temperature Range: 95° to 158°
  • ​Five non-stick trays
  • ​Digital Thermostat
  • Features a digital timer


One thing we've noticed is the product's drying capacity. The device has nine shelves, five additional trays, and nine extra mesh sheets.

This means users can store significant amounts of food inside the machine. For users who need a lot of space, this product is your best bet.

Another feature worth mentioning is its see through front case. You can check the progress of your foods through the case without opening the cover. This places the device a step above the competition and is another reason to buy this product.

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The device comes with a timer that helps users schedule their dehydration sessions. Users like this product because they can leave the dehydrator on overnight while the dehydrator continues to run until the timer shuts off.

We also like the drip tray that comes with the device. Placed on the bottom of the device, the tray prevents leaks from slipping into the dehydrator. You'll like this dehydrator if you need to minimize the amount of moisture entering your food.

Magic Mill's Dehydrator comes with a digital thermostat. The thermostat allows users to create preset temperatures to help dry specific foods. Get this dehydrator if you want an adjustable thermostat that aids your food's drying process.

Food Dehydrators 32883.

However, consumers dislike the fan's lack of utility. On average, it takes about five months before the fan stops working. If this problem occurs, we suggest ordering a replacement.

Mainly, the Magic Mill Food Dehydrator is great for long term food preservation. The digital timer makes it easier to schedule foods for cleaning. Buy this product if you're serious about increasing the quality of your future meals.

Buying Advice

Here's some of the great features:​


The price determines what dehydrator you can buy. You need purchase a dehydrator that fits within your budget. When paying extra for food dehydrators, you gain the benefit of additional reliability and advanced features.

While you can opt for a low-end dehydrator, their features are limited. Also, the dehydrators are limited in the types of food it can cook. We suggest paying up to $50-$150 to receive a food dehydrator that will last.

Stackable Dehydrators

With stackable food dehydrators, trays lay on top of one another. Each of the trays has a hole located in the center. The heating element and fan are located at the base or top of the device and provides vertical air circulation.

One advantage of stackable dehydrators is its flexible design. Depending on the amount of food, you can add or remove trays as desired. In fact, you can add extra trays to expand the capacity of the dehydrator.

The additional trays are optional and sold separately. With stackable dehydrators, you'll have to unstack and restack the trays to check the progress of a single tray. Buy a stackable dehydrator if you want multiple layers of food to dry at once.

9 Stainless Steel Drying Racks

Shelf Dehydrators

With shelf food dehydrators, the trays are quickly pulled from shelves. Shelf dehydrators share similar design characteristics of an oven. Like an oven, you can remove a shelf to check the progress of your food. The heating element and the fan are in the back of the device and has a horizontal air flow.

But shelf dehydrators have one small disadvantage. Unlike stackable dehydrators, you can't add extra trays onto it. Shelf dehydrators have a box shaped design, making it unable to carry extra trays. Get a shelf dehydrator if you need to check your food often.


Your dehydrator relies on its wattage for power. The higher the wattage, the more power your device has. But, a high wattage doesn't mean it's faster at drying than units with a lower wattage. The design of your dehydrator's model also plays an important factor.

Space And Size

Check the space of your kitchen before buying a dehydrator. Is your kitchen countertop crowded? Or do you have enough space to fit extra appliances? If you have limited space, choose a stackable model because they have a small footprint.

MAGIC MILL Food Dehydrator

If you have a garden or planning to cook food in high volume, a larger model is better suited for you. For people who want to use a dehydrator for simple snacks and meals, a smaller model will do the trick.

Back Or Top Mounted Fan

Crumbs and drippings are a huge threat to food dehydrators. If left for too long, the debris can cause the dehydrator to malfunction or break. You must take intensive care when cleaning a dehydrator with a bottom mounted fan. Doing this procedure ensures that your dehydrator lasts longer and continues to dry your food with ease.

Closing Remarks

We think that the Magic Mill Food Dehydrator is a fully functional and operational device. The dehydrator has enough capacity to hold a large amount of food at once. If you're serious about making high-quality meals, then you should invest in this device.

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