Gourmia Food Dehydrator Review

Gourmia Food Dehydrator Review

In this short review, we'll discuss the Gourmia Food Dehydrator. It's a fast and innovative device that helps users preserve their food. This tool helps users create healthy food at a fraction of the time. Our goal is to show you why this product is worth your investment.

Throughout the review, we'll display both the pros and cons associated with Gourmia Food Dehydrator. Also, we've developed a buying advice section you're still confused on what to buy. Read this section to see what specs you should look for before making a purchase.

Gourmia GFD1750 Food Dehydrator With Touch Digital Temperature Control

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About The Product

The Gourmia Food Dehydrator consists of 8 temperature settings and six adjustable shelves. It features a quiet airflow circulation technique that homogenizes the temperature and the airflow inside the dehydrator. As a result, your food remains evenly heated and ready to eat once finished.

Specifications Of The Gourmia Food Dehydrator

  • Ten Tray System
  • Cookbook Included
  • ​Ul Listed
  • ​Transparent window
  • Digital Tough Configurations


Based on the construction, the dehydrator has a lot of durability. While most of the device consists of plastic, it holds up well when used for extended periods. For instance, the plastic doesn't stain when used, making it perfect for users who want a dehydrator that's easy to clean up.

Another thing we've noticed is the device's versatility. The manufacturer displays the open range of food that's usable with this device.

Creating jerky is a common use of this device, and this dehydrator does a great job at drying it. Users wanting a versatile and utility dehydrator should give it look.

Users find this dehydrator easy to use. Since it has only adjustable temperature and time, the device has an intuitive flair to it.

Gourmia GFD1750

Source: gourmia.com

The product was designed for users who want a straightforward and quick dehydration process with their food.

People usually worry about the final result of their food after dehydration. The Gourmia Food Dehydrator removes all the moisture from your food while keeping its nutrients in a fresh condition. People like this device because of its food quality preservation and enhanced taste.

This device's main feature lies in its air circulation technique. The dehydrator distributes and flows air in a 360° throughout all the trays. You'll save time because the device heats the food for you. Get this device if you want something that keeps your food perfectly preserved.

Consumers across the board disliked the drying time. For instance, the device takes 2 to 3 times longer than advertised to dry foods. Because of this, we suggest keeping your food inside the dehydrator an hour extra to receive better results.

Still, the Gourmia Food Dehydrator is the best food dehydrator for first-time users. It's on Amazon at a price around $130. If you need a dehydrator that gives you ample amount of space, then the Gourmia is your best bet.

Buying Advice

Here's some of the great features:​

Plastic Or Metal

Food Dehydrators come in either plastic or metal construction. Plastic dehydrators are easier to clean and inexpensive.

We suggest first time users opt in for plastic dehydrators because of their accessibility and simple settings.

Food Dehydrator With Touch Digital Temperature

Source: gourmia.com

But, there is one disadvantage. When drying, the plastic sometimes gets caught up in the machine. This issue reduces the quality of the dehydrator and leads to bad tasting food. To avoid this, keep your plastic dehydrator clean to prevent long term damages from occurring.


If you travel via train or car, consider taking your dehydrator along with you. Stackable dehydrators are useful because they are mobile. Also, stackable dehydrators have don't cause alerts at metal detector gateways.

While you can buy a metal dehydrator, it's not as portable as you'd think. In fact, some airlines restrict metal dehydrators because it doesn't meet their rules and regulations. We suggest keeping your metal dehydrators at home to maximize their effectiveness.

Ease Of Use

Food dehydrating is simple, and different models make a difference on how much work goes into it. There are some features that make the dehydration process less of a hassle.

For instance, look for a dehydrator that distributes heat evenly.

This feature makes it easier for users to monitor their food without the need to check your food constantly.

Touch Digital Temperature

Source: gourmia.com

If convenience is a serious factor for you, you need to keep in mind how much work goes in your cleaning the dehydrator.

Automatic Shut Off

For extra convenience, look for a dehydrator that has an automatic shut off feature. When the timer reaches zero, the device turns off immediately. This feature prevents the dehydrator from overheating and helps users time their foods effectively.


If you want to dry larger pieces, you'll need a shelf dehydrator. Remove the racks and rest assured that your food is completely dried. Stackable models can't do this because the racks are tightly packed next to each other.

But if there's extra food that needs to be dried, you'll have to invest in a stackable dehydrator. These dehydrators make it easier to dry extra food while your main dehydrator is in use.

Capacity Size

When it comes to capacity size, you must consider how much food you'll make in a batch. Also, you must consider how much space is available. While smaller models take less storage space, they don't have enough capacity to hold enough food.

Food Dehydrator Touch Digital Touch Temperature Control

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But, if you have a lot of food or a large garden, opt for a dehydrator with a larger capacity. But, if you're planning on making snacks, a dehydrator with a lower capacity is suitable.

Closing Thoughts

As we conclude, the Gourmia Food Dehydrator is a product worth buying. The device gives you the ability to dehydrate up to 10lbs of food without failure. Plus, users like this dehydrator because it preserves 100% of the food's quality. Give this dehydrator a look if you want healthy and great tasting food.

Do you have any experience using this product? Share a comment and let us know what you think.

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