Cuisinart Food Dehydrator Review

Cuisinart Dehydrator Review

Investing in a food dehydrator is important for the preservation of your food. Food dehydrators keep your food in good condition while protecting its nutrients. That's why its important for you to have a functional food dehydrator in your household.

We'd like to discuss the Cuisinart Food Dehydrator. It's a small, yet powerful dehydrator system that dries food quickly. In this short post, we'll review the pros and cons associated with this device. By the end of the article, you'll have enough confidence to purchase the right food dehydrator for your needs.

Cuisinart DHR-20 Food Dehydrator

Look at the buying advice section if you are stuck or confused on what to buy. The information there helps readers find the exact specs they need to buy a quality dehydrator. That being said, let's move onto our review!

About The Product

The Cuisinart Food Dehydrator is an innovative device made for food preservation. In fact, the dehydrator model preserves the food without losing the nutrients in your food. This appliance is great for users who want to prepare snacks at home or outdoorsmen who need extra food while out hunting.

Specifications Of The Cuisinart Dehydrator

  • Naturally preserves food
  • 620 Watt Fan
  • ​Adjustable Temperature Control
  • ​Dries food such as fruits, vegetables, and meat
  • Compact and Lightweight Design


When using the dehydrator, we noticed the power of the fan. The fan operates at 620 watts and has fast drying top vents. Users like this feature because it helps them dry their food faster. If you want a high powered fan that evenly heats your food, this device is a good choice for you.

Depending on the food you want to dry, the dehydrator has an adjustable temperature control. It has five settings (high, medium, low, high and low fan) that users toggle to help preserve their food. Users like this device because it gives them control over their food and makes the dehydration process easier.

Cuisinart DHR-20 Food Dehydrator


Another advantage we've noticed is its multiple trays. This feature helps users dry different food varieties without much hassle. Also, there's a fruit roll-up sheet which is used to make dried fruit snacks. The accessories are of excellent quality and help the user improve their dehydration process.

Shoppers like this dehydrator because it doesn't contain BPAs. This means that users won't become harmed when making food in the dryer. This dehydrator is great for people who want safe and healthy food that's free of contaminants such as bacteria, BPAs, and other ailments.

The dehydrator is known for its compact design. For instance, it's designed in a circular shape which makes it easier to place in the kitchen. This device is worth it if you have limited space and need a high-quality food dehydrator for your kitchen.

But, there's one flaw associated with this device. For instance, the dehydrator's height can't be adjusted. The lack of height adjustment makes it harder for users to dry larger foods properly. Still, we think the Cuisinart Dehydrator is the best small dehydrator in the market. It's compact and maneuverable enough to store in your kitchen.

Buying Advice

This section is for first time shoppers who don't know what to buy. We've created this section to help you make a better purchasing decision. Here are certain specs you should look for when getting your first dehydrator:

Dehydrated banana.


Your food dehydrator's power is measured in watts. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the drying system. Another thing to remember is that high wattage units don't always dry faster than low watt units. The design of your dehydrator's model plays another big role in its utility.


Another important factor is the cost of the dehydrator. A good stackable dehydrator costs at least $75. On the other hand, shelf dehydrators with a box design cost $200-$350. If you have a small budget, you're better off buying a stacked dehydrator.

Quality Of Materials

Regardless of the features, each dehydrator consists of metal or plastic. Metal dehydrators are for long term food drying. For instance, the food is easier to clean and takes less time to heat up. While it's more expensive, we suggest getting a metal dehydrator for future food preservation.

Plastic dehydrators are perfect for users with low budgets. They are easier to use for smaller portions of food drying. Buy plastic dehydrators if you need a simple device to cook quick snacks.


Different food types dry in various temperatures. Being able to adjust your dehydrator is important if you want the best results. Buy a dehydrator with adjustable thermostats if you plan on drying multiple types of food.

Cuisinart DHR-20 Food Dehydrator


Auto Shut Off

Your dehydrator needs an auto shut off feature. The feature works by turning the device off once the allotted time passed. Start the dehydration process and rest assured that the device won't stay on after its use.


Food dehydration is an extensive process. Because of this, it's easy for users to forget about the dehydrator. Invest in a timer to help check on your food and become alerted once it's finished.

360 Air Circulation

The heating element on some models doesn't work as expected. For instance, stackable dehydrators are at a disadvantage because their heat doesn't circulate evenly. This problem makes it harder for the food inside the device to become properly heated.

To avoid this, check for dehydrators with a 360 Air Circulation feature. This feature makes it easier for the food to ventilate throughout the dehydrator. As a result, you'll enhance the taste and quality of your food.

Food Dehydrator Range of Temperature

Closing Thoughts

The Cuisinart Dehydrator is the best plastic dehydrator available. Its circular design makes it easier for users to place it in their kitchen. Ultimately, buy this product if you want a dehydrator that delivers adequate results.

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